Free Hank Haney Golf Swing Tips

Free Hank Haney Golf Swing Tips

How would you like Tiger Wood’s coach, Hank Haney, to give you some golf swing tips and a free golf swing lesson? Well that’s exactly what Golfshake’s Matt Holbrook managed to get by using the FOCAL GOLF SMARTPHONE HOLDER and his chosen golf swing app.

By simply setting up his golf bag at the practice range and then by using his chosen swing app to record his swing Matt sent the footage of his swing via Twitter to Hank Haney. Haney responded with a few key swing tips for Matt, who now has no excuses ahead of the 2014 golf season.

This type of video analysis isn’t new and the benefits of recording and reviewing your golf swing have been used by PGA professionals for decades. There is no simpler way of highlighting areas of improvement than to be simply show a golfer a couple of their swings, as most golfers understand the fundamentals of a good golf swing, it is usually the execution of these fundamentals that represents the challenge.

However, the emergence of smartphones and the associated apps means that this kind of analysis is now available to  every golfer who owns a smartphone, and with over two billion smartphones now in circulation this is bound to include quite a few golfers.

The benefits of recording and reviewing your swing will allow golfers to practice with far more purpose at the range. By immediately being able to identify faults all golfers will be able to focus any precious practice time they get on the areas that will actually improve their game.

The FOCAL GOLF SMARTPHONE HOLDER was purposely designed to help golfers benefit from this explosion in smart phone technology and swing apps. With a simple bag clip that temporarily clips over the lip of a golf bag and a flexible bracket that fits, grips and protects all leading smart phones it will now take golfers no more than a minute to set up their smart phone for perfect recording of their swing. With 2 angle adjust buttons that allows the bracket to be adjusted by 180 degrees golfers can also set their preferred recording angle and can therefore also record the specific elements of their swing; from behind the line to a side on view across the line, from a focus on their foot alignment to their clubs position at the top of the back swing, there is no part of the swing that can’t be perfectly recorded using the FOCAL GOLF SMARTPHONE HOLDER. The FOCAL GOLF SMARTPHONE HOLDER will initially be available from The 15th Club Golf Company,, with a RSP of £24.99.

The 15th Club Golf Company are dedicated to finding products like this first in the FOCAL GOLF range that offer golfers with simple and effective means of improving their game. With high performance golf shirts from FENIX GOLF to Reed Medical’s Protect iT socks, which are billed as “The most comfortable socks in the world,” the products offered by The 15th Club range from new and innovative products to stylish and performance products that will benefit every golfers game

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