Golf Swing Training Aids

Golf Swing Training Aids


Record your golf swing

2014 sees the launch of the FOCAL Golf Brand with their first product, the FOCAL GOLF SMARTPHONE HOLDER.

With the ever increasing popularity of golf apps and golf swing apps this golf training aid is the easiest way for golfers to use their smartphone and their chosen smartphone app to analyse and improve their golf swing.

The Focal Golf smartphone holder is designed to easily click on to any golf bag. Golfers simply position their golf bag about 6ft behind them and then use this golf training aid with either their phone and their chosen android golf app or iphone golf app to record their golf swing. This way they can practice and perfect their golf swing basics and get immediate feedback on whether they are executing any golf swing tips or lessons that they’ve been given by a qualified PGA Professional

With a protective and flexible rubberised bracket the Focal Golf smartphone holder will fit all leading SMARTPHONES and there is no obstruction of either the camera of touch screen. All golf swing analysis can therefore be done without having to remove the phone, and so it is the most time efficient way of practicing and trying to improve your golf swing.

The Focal Golf smartphone holder can also be adjusted to different angles to allow the golf swing to be analysed perfectly from any side. It can also be used to monitor a putting stroke by simply placing it on the green.

The Focal Golf mobile phone holder can be kept in your golf bag with the minimum of fuss so it’s available whenever golfers get the opportunity to practice.

With a RRSP of £24.99 the Focal Golf smartphone holder is a golf training aid that provides golfers with the easy means of putting their golf app to good use and improving their golf swing and their golf swing basics.


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