GrooveFix Golf Accessories

GrooveFix Golf Accessories is delighted to announce that it is now selling a selected range of Groovefix golf accessories.

Their dedicated team have years of knowledge of engineering and design, and combined with a keen love of golf means they have created a range of products that are some of the best and most premium golf accessories on the market. 

This Groovefix range varies from game improvement products such as the golf ball line markers and the putting Doughnut, to quality pitchmark repairs and groove sharpeners. Within their range is also selected gift packs that are perfect for that birthday golf gift, fathers day golf gift or Christmas golf gift.

Their Groove Sharpeners, pitch repairers, golf ball line markers and other products are produced using the highest grade materials and manufacturing processes to create unique and stylish accessories.


The Ultimate Golf Club Groove Cleaner and Sharpener

The grooves in your irons are designed to enable ball control and spin. Continued club use can not only fill the grooves with debris but can also damage the groove edge.

The GrooveFix™ precision golf club groove sharpener will bring new life back into your golf clubs as it cleans the grooves and restores their original sharpness. The result is greater ball control.

The unique groove sharpener is precision ground and engineered to exacting tolerances to ensure that it does not compromise the R&A and USGA rules regarding width and depth. GrooveFix™ groove sharpener sharpens all 'v' and 'u' shaped grooves


Improve your putting and make more putts with ‘The Doughnut’ putting aid

The Doughnut putting aid has been precision engineered to be exactly the size of a regulation hole (4.25” in diameter) and will fit perfectly into this standard golf hole.

By placing ‘The Doughnut’ into a cut hole on the practice green you will be reducing the size of the hole by 40%. As a result only the most accurate putts will drop, providing positive feedback on the number of putts that hit ‘dead’ centre. Remove the device and the regulation hole appears to be a much bigger and easier target.

This is perfect for practicing those short – 2 to 4 feet putt and regular practice will dramatically improve your putting from this distance, and if you are like us (we hope you are better!) you will be shocked at just how much you miss the entore hole by, even from such a short distance 

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